Let’s Make it Our Town

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Kerikeri - this town we call home.  From our sub-tropical flora, open spaces and mild climate to our creative arts, boutique retailers and historic places - we have it all! 

With all this potential in our town, we need a plan to unlock it

The journey has started

On Tuesday 12 March we held the first community meeting at the Turner Centre. With more than 300 in attendance it was fantastic to see so many people with a common desire to unlock our town’s potential.

The meeting included insights from the founders of Focus Paihia as well as interactive group sessions that enabled everyone to have their say.

The key outcomes from the meeting:

  • The town wants to unlock its potential

  • The scope is split into 4 well beings (that align with local and national government):

    • Economic

    • Environmental

    • Social

    • Cultural

• It’s about looking forward and not dwelling on the past

• We will be following the proven process used by Focus Paihia Charitable Trust

• There are many ways to get involved from sharing social media posts and baking scones through to leading groups and volunteering time.

Stay tuned to find out the date of the third community meeting!


Kerikeri - Let’s make it Our Town




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 The finer points

These meetings and the formation of this group, do not have political or commercial aspirations. This is not a council-driven organisation nor a place for self-promotion or negativity.

This group will be led by the community, and will run community-driven projects to make Kerikeri our town.