Let’s Make it Our Town

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Kerikeri - this town we call home.  From our sub-tropical flora, open spaces and mild climate to our creative arts, boutique retailers and historic places - we have it all! 

With all this potential in our town, we need a plan to unlock it

Our Kerikeri is a community-led movement that focuses on unlocking the potential that exists in Kerikeri. As a volunteer group, we promote positive change across 4 wellbeings which includes environmental, cultural, social and economic, in order to create a better future for our children. We empower individuals, businesses, community groups and visitors to make their voice heard and then act, in order to create a town that is thriving, healthy, sustainable and easy to live and work in.


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Kerikeri - Let’s make it Our Town


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 The finer points

These meetings and the formation of this group, do not have political or commercial aspirations. This is not a council-driven organisation nor a place for self-promotion or negativity.

This group will be led by the community, and will run community-driven projects to make Kerikeri our town.