On Tuesday 12 March we held the first community meeting at the Turner Centre. With more than 300 in attendance it was fantastic to see so many people with a common desire to unlock our town’s potential.

The meeting included insights from Tania McInnes and Grant Harnish, the founders of Focus Paihia and organiser, Annika Dickey:

  • Kerikeri is overflowing with potential and it’s time we unlocked it

  • Some amazing things have already been created and achieved by hard working groups and individuals

  • Imagine what we could achieve if we had a common vision, single voice and shared our resources

  • One of the great outcomes of this journey will be the connections that individuals will make with other members of the community

  • There is a proven process used by towns undergoing this process. It’s not a one-meeting-solution. This process balances the need for action with robust planning. See below:

One of the key out-takes from the meeting was the need to start with creating a shared vision of what Kerikeri will look and feel like in ten years’ time. From a shared vision flows projects, activities, funding and buy-in.

This vision needs to come from the community, so we kicked off with every attendee voicing their feelings – describing, using one word, the aspects of Kerikeri that make them feel happy, sad and angry. The results are currently being collated by volunteers (thank you ladies) and will be shared in the next week.

Following this, attendees were broken up into groups and brainstormed how they wanted Kerikeri to look and feel by 2029 if anything was possible. We were delighted to hear the big thinking, creativity and consistent ideas that were fed back. These are also being collated and will be published on this site soon.

How to get involved

A Leadership Group is being created (from nominations taken at the meeting) to support the community in forming a single vision.

Focus Groups are also being formed (based on feedback from attendees) and will be tasked with feeding into the vision based on the particular needs and opportunities for each of the following sectors of the community:

• Economic

• Environmental

• Social

• Cultural

Project Doers will bring the vision to life so if you would like to volunteer some time to do work rather than talk about work, then this role could suit you. It could be as simple as baking scones or providing fresh fruit. Or you may be handy on the tools, can wield a paint brush or know how to bring a garden to life.

Administrator(s) are those super organised, detail-focused people who are great with office software, typing and communicating.

If you are interested in focus groups, being a project doer or providing administrative support, please let us know.

We also welcome sponsors (organisations or individuals) who can provide venues, knowledge, financial backing, technical skills, signage, stationary, tools, food, beverages, raw materials …. the list goes on. This is what we mean by sharing resources so the whole community can benefit. It could be something as small as a pack of pens or as large as a greenhouse!

To date, we would like to thank the Focus Paihia Charitable Trust, The Old Packhouse Market, Halvo Signs, the Kerikeri District Business Association, Matt Watson and Whitelaw Weber.

Key DateS

July 2019:

Present vision to Far North District Council

If you have facilities that can host small groups (10 people) or large groups (300+) we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via email, or fill in the form below.